The History and Geography of Human Genes

In this monumental work, the three authors reconstruct human evolution by mapping the worldwide geographic distribution of genes for over 110 traits in over 1800 primarily aboriginal populations.
This is the first overall description of the diffusion and migrations of Homo sapiens.

Genetica, evoluzione, uomo (Voll. 1-3)

Italian translation of The Genetics of Human Populations, in 3 volumes. It offers the same material of the original English text, in a slightly abridged form.

Introduzione alla genetica umana

An introduction to Human Genetics. Italian translation of the relevant part of The Genetics of Human Populations. By Albamaria Ramazzotti, the author’s wife.

The Genetics of Human Populations

This volume established a new discipline, the Genetics of Human Populations. It introduces the reader to the basics of genetics, and it provides the conceptual and mathematical tools to study population structure and the dynamics of human evolution. Since 1971, it has been a standard teaching and reference work in its field.

Analisi statistica per medici e biologi

A basic introduction to statistics and its tools, meant expressly for physicians and researchers in biology, but equally useful to anybody who would like to master the discipline and to profit from the usefulness of its methods, in research of any kind.